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Hello darlin'

May i be added?
Naturally! =D
Can I be added?
Of course! =D
*puppy eyes*
Hello, may I be added plase? I have read all your fics at footballslash and needless to sy, loved them. So, please?
Of course =D
Hey, I'm a recent convert to the OTP that is JT/FL, and I came across your lj while looking for picspams, and really enjoyed your entries. May I friend you, please?


(btw, any other recs as to OTP fans too? So that I can stalk friend them for OTP fics, pics etc)
Yeap, friended her. Thanks!
In Lurve with OTP! Recommended to read your fics...
Added. =D

Don't know how many OTP fics I've actually transferred over to here, you can certainly find plenty here.
Herro, may I be added?

*kiss kiss kiss*
Of course! =D

Had to use that new icon, surely you understand. ^_*

Damn that is one fine icon, woman!
I got it from some sex icons comm. Forget the name of it.

(can't be arsed to log out.)
When you remember it, tell me, cause dayum!
Cool, thanks!